With Expancel Microspheres in nonwoven composites and fairing compounds, you'll get the best out of materials that go into the production of boats.

Nonwoven composites

Is it possible to improve properties of nonwoven composites while saving money on raw materials? With Expancel it is. High volume contribution even at low additions, our microspheres will not only add volume – it'll do so without adding weight. This allows you to add bulk, increase stiffness and achieve thermal insulation. Expancel Microspheres also lets you improve surface appearances with anti-slip properties, improved hand and matting. Plus, the need for binder is reduced – saving you costs.

Fairing compounds

Fairing compounds for boat production are lighter and more cost effective with Expancel. 1% of our microspheres allow you to reducing density by 46% - giving you more for less. Not only will a compound formulated with Expancel be easy to apply, it'll also resist water penetration and avoid pinholes.

The best suited Expancel products for boat production

Product groups Characteristics Main applications
Expancel WU Wet. Unexpanded For waterborne applications: carpet underlays, printing inks, technical textiles and nonwovens plus more.
Expancel DU Dry. Unexpanded For applications where no water can be added: industrial nonwoven textiles, underbody coatings & sealants, silicone rubber, shoe soles, etc.
Expancel DE Dry. Expanded Used in products where no water can be added. Great for polyester putty, cultured marble, model-making board and more.

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