Whether it’s to alter the surface finish or save overall production costs, Expancel will color the life of your paint production process. The closed, uniform spheres are optimal fillers to formulate higher PVC (pigment volume concentration) which means there’s less need for binder. The spherical shaped filler also makes it easier for paints to be applied. Using Expancel as a lightweight filler in paint will shorten the drying time, introduce a matting effect and provide good filling on uneven substrates. Plus, the low density of the microspheres will reduce the weight of the paint even with small dosages.

Expancel Microspheres will also reduce the need for solvents in solvent-based paint – leading to a reduction in VOC emission.

For lighter, real quality and longer-lasting paints that not only benefits your bottom line, but also brightens up people’s lives – choose Expancel.

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