Lower your cost on a volume basis with Expancel Microspheres. Expancel allows you to produce a higher volume at the same weight - enabling you to offer putties with very competitive pricing.

Expancel Microspheres have a small particle size when compared to glass spheres with excellent adhesion to polyester resin. Not only will a putty formulated with Expancel be easy to apply, it'll also resist water penetration.

A putty with Expancel decreases the problem of pinholes. It's also easy to sand, reduces sanding time and is less abrasive to sanding tools. Offering a true quality polyester putty at a really good price.

Product Groups related by application

Product groups Characteristics Main applications
Expancel DE Dry. Expanded Used in products where no water can be added. Great for polyester putty, cultured marble, model-making board and more.

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