Expancel Microspheres is an excellent additive in microagglomerated and synthetic cork. It gives you impeccable foaming control plus it's highly compressible with anti-shrink properties that are perfectly suited to keep wines preserved in bottles for years on end. Expancel is approved by major regulations authorities such as the FDA in the United States for microagglomerated cork, the European regulation 10/2011 for plastic packaging and has the German BfR food safety authority, for use in paper packaging.‚Äč

Microagglomerated cork

Adding Expancel Microspheres enhances the cork's ability for consistent performance. Able to withstand high levels of compression and with its outstanding resistance to absorption, Expancel expands to form a perfect seal which doesn't shrink. Ensuring the contents of each bottle maintains its properties for many years. The hallmark of true quality wine.

Expancel is the perfect ally in the battle against cork taint, which is caused by the formation of chemical compounds such as TCA (Trichloroanisole). TCA can be strongly reduced or eliminated by cleaning the cork at granular size. By using Expancel Microspheres, you can achieve regular, consistent and clean cork closures. Perfect for the winemaker as well as the wine connoisseur.

Synthetic cork

When it comes to synthentic cork, it's all in the foaming. As synthetic cork generally avoids irregularities associated with natural cork, its use falls short in the foaming process. Expancel Microspheres have a fine, closed and uniform structure that promises highly-controlled foaming for consistent results. This means that you can use Expancel alone or in combination with your chemical blowing agent to achieve a cork with outstanding air tight properties improving the shelf time of the wine or beverage. Expancel is not only a blowing agent in wine corks but giving additional value to the product. Cheers to that!

The best Expancel product for wine corks

Product groups Characteristics Main applications
Expancel FG Foodgrade. Dry. Unexpanded Dry, unexpanded and as Masterbatch. Used in food packaging applications such as wine corks, cap seals, packaging and more.

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