Possible to expand to extremely low densities. Our powerful dry, unexpanded microspheres add countless advantages to your production process and its outcome. Not only will Expancel DU let you achieve desired surface aesthetics in artificial leather and wallpaper, it’ll also help your produce plastics that are light and smooth. On top of that it can stand high shear forces and pressure during processing.

The microspheres in Expancel DU expand with heat and are preferably used in systems where no water can be added. Expandable at temperatures between 80°C - 235°C (176°F - 455°F), our microspheres will unleash a range of essential benefits for product developers in different industries.

Expancel DU

Expancel DU

Bursting with benefits like

  • Saves costs and improves bulk and thickness in industrial nonwoven textiles
  • Controlled and uniform cell structure in underbody coatings and sealants
  • Low weight, dry surface and cost savings in silicone rubber
  • A look of suede or nubuck in artificial leather

Specification and SDS. The beauty is in the science.

Speak to our experts about the various grades and characteristics of Expancel DU. 

Variations of ExpancelParticle size(1)Temperature start (°C)Temperature maximum (°C)(2)Density (kg/m3)Solvent chemical resistance(3)Safety Data Sheet
551 DU 4010–1694–99141–149≤ 173SDS >
461 DU 206–9100–106137–145≤ 304SDS >
461 DU 409-1598-104142-150≤ 204SDS >
051 DU 4009-15108-113142-151≤ 254SDS >
031 DU 4010-1680-95120-135≤ 123SDS >
053 DU 4010–1696-103138-146≤ 203SDS >
093 DU 12028-38120-130188-203≤ 6.55SDS >
909 DU 8018-24120-130175-190≤ 105SDS >
920 DU 205-9120-145155-175≤ 255SDS >
920 DU 4010–16123-133168-178≤ 175SDS >
920 DU 8018-24123-133180-195≤ 145SDS >
920 DU 12028-38122-132194-206≤ 145SDS >
930 DU 12028-38122-132191-204≤ 6,55SDS >
950 DU 8018-24138-148188-200≤ 125SDS >
951 DU 12028-38133-143190-205≤ 95SDS >
980 DU 12025-40158-173215-235≤ 145SDS >
043 DU 8016–2495–115147–167≤ 105SDS >

(1) "Particle size of Expancel Microspheres"
(2) "Thermomechanical analysis of Expancel MS"
(3) "Chemical resistance of Expancel MS"

Delivered in fiber drums, net weight 50 kg or in big-bags 500 kg.

Use the product within three years after production date, if unopened.

Not all grades available in all locations. Check local sales office for availability.

Why buy from AkzoNobel

  • AkzoNobel developed and has produced Expancel for more than 35 years
  • Own production plants in Sweden, China, USA and Brazil
  • We deliver a total solution, from top quality microspheres to product development support and on-site expansion systems
  • Experienced sales and application engineers will work closely with you all the way

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