Expancel dry, expanded microspheres have low density, extreme elasticity and low moisture absorption – giving you a magnificently beneficial ingredient for a wide range of applications. Used in products where no water can be added like cultured marble and model-making board to name a few, Expancel DE will reduce weight, improve workability and provide a highly resilient property.

Expancel DE

Expancel DE

Product-enhancing benefits

  • Reduces weight across various applications

  • Reduces density in polyester putties (1% Expancel = 45% reduction)

  • Excellent adhesion between polyester resin and microspheres

  • Easier to sand and no pinholes (e.g. polyester putties, model making board)

  • Low water absorption

  • Higher resistance to thermal shock

  • Highly elastic, shock absorbent addition for quality cultured marble and lightweight foam

  • Saves costs on binder/resin and other raw material

  • Improves thermal insulation, sound blocking and vibration damping

  • Reduces costs for model-making board and sealants

  • High resilience for printing blankets

Specification and SDS. The beauty is in the science.

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Variations of Expancel

Particle size(1) µm D(0.5)

True Density(2) kg/m3

Solvent chemical resistance(3)

Safety Data Sheet
551 DE 40 d4230-5042 ± 43SDS>
551 DE 40 d42 ± 230-5042 ± 23SDS>
461 DE 20 d7015-2570 ± 64SDS>
461 DE 40 d6020-4060 ± 54SDS>
461 DET 40 d2535-5525 ± 34SDS>
043 DET 80 d2060-9520 ± 34SDS>
092 DET 100 d2580-12025 ± 35SDS>
920 DE 40 d3035-5530 ± 35SDS>
920 DET 40 d2530-6025 ± 35SDS>
920 DE 80 d3055-8530 ± 35SDS>

(1) "Particle size of Expancel microspheres"
(2) "Density measurements of Expancel MS"
(3) "Chemical resistance of Expancel MS"

Expancel 551 DE 40 d42. Volume of carton 1.15 m3, incl pallet. Packed in cartons with 1, 4, 5 or 6 polyethylene bags, e.g. 4x5 kg.

Use the product within 3 years after production date, if unopened.

Not all grades available in all locations. Check local sales office for availability.

Why buy from AkzoNobel

  • AkzoNobel developed and has produced Expancel for more than 35 years
  • Own production plants in Sweden, China, USA and Brazil
  • We deliver a total solution, from top quality microspheres to product development support and on-site expansion systems
  • Experienced sales and application engineers will work closely with you all the way

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